About the Play it Forward Benefit Gala

Behavioral Health Works and Hope Out Loud’s Benefit Gala is an annual event dedicated to raising funds and awareness for the global Health, H2O and Hope initiatives. As an organization ran solely by a selected few, this program is not government funded and requires fundraising and grants to not only run the global programs but to continue the long term development of the organization. This benefit gala is an opportunity for the community to learn about the services that Hope Out Loud offers their global at-risk community and support its efforts for tomorrow’s success. Together we can create a more successful tomorrow!

Our Gala is an evening event that includes a catered meal with beverages to complement its culinary delights. The event will be followed by an evening of casino play, interactive exhibits, and much much more!

A Message from Our Global Outreach Officers

Dear Friends of Hope Out Loud Foundation:

In the summer of 2005, Dr. Rob and Ami Douk led a team of high school students to Southeast Asia. They volunteered throughout several orphanages and humanitarian programs and quickly realized the lack of resources for individuals in need throughout the developing nations. They recognized the opportunity to respond and out of their desire to improve these conditions, they created the Hope Out Loud (HOL) Foundation. HOL is dedicated to the development and support of programs committed to promoting the wellbeing of humanity around the world. We collaborate with like-minded individuals and organizations globally to address critical problems in three areas: Health, H2O, and Hope.

On January 15, 2017, Behavioral Health Works and Hope Out Loud foundation will host its annual Gala Benefit event titled: “Play It Forward!” Our annual Gala is our biggest event of the year and we would like to personally invite you to be a part of this event! All funds raised for this gala will go towards our global efforts in continuing to improve living conditions for those in need. In efforts to continue our global programs, we will need help from companies and individuals like you and would sincerely appreciate your contribution as a global sponsor.

Play It Forward! will receive wide exposure through statewide and local social media, news outlets, schools and partners throughout the California community. We have four levels of sponsorship packages available that are designed to meet your level of support: Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze, & Copper. Your generosity will specifically support the following initiatives:

Health Initiative:
For every health product you purchase, we will provide a specialized sanitation package to a person in need. For every tuition paid through our Behavioral Health Academy (BHA), you will sponsor a teacher from a developing country and allow them the opportunity to receive tuition-free education on developing a special education classroom, locally in their neighborhood.

H20 Initiative:
For every H20 product you purchase from HOL, we will provide a week’s worth of clean water to a person in need through the creation of water wells.

Hope Initiative:
For every handcrafted item you purchase from HOL, we will create sustainable job opportunities for a human trafficking survivor.

If you have any additional questions, please contact any of our Gala Coordinators at info@holproject.com. They are all very knowledgeable about this initiative and will be happy to help answer any questions you may have.

Ami Douk, Chief Giving Officer
Dr. Rob Douk, Chief Outreach Officer

Hope Our Loud Foundation (HOL)

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About Us

Hope Out Loud is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) charitable organization dedicated to partner with the global social entrepreneurial community to create products, services and programs that gives back to the communities through the “You Get. We Give. Initiative.”

The Need

We have heard that raising a child takes a village. So, if it requires an entire village for just one child, imagine how many villages we will need to launch a global initiative to: 1) combat health concerns, 2) provide drinkable water, and 3) create jobs for human trafficking survivors? Lots of villages, so that’s why we need sponsors like you! To successfully continue our three initiatives will require your help to contribute towards certain strategic phases of our international campaign.

Why Sponsor Hope Out Loud’s 2nd Annual Gala?

  • Play It Forward! By playing your part, you will be a catalyst in this global movement which is larger than just one organization.
  • You will help create needed water wells in areas lacking clean drinking water. To date, we have constructed over 50 wells throughout Southeast Asia.
  • You will Play Your Part! by creating more training cohorts so the human trafficking industry will one day become obsolete.
  • You and/or Your Organization believes that a healthy individual with education and access to clean drinking water will address the immediate needs required to establish a long-term program that equips individuals with the tools necessary to make a difference in their community.

Sponsorship Opportunities

By playing it forward, you will be a catalyst in this global movement that is larger than just one organization.

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